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A bridge between Italy & Argentina

Redefining mining, our sustainable solution.

We ensure that every initiative and investment has a strong orientation towards economic, social and environmental sustainability "


GREEN MINING SRL is an Argentine-Italian holding company set up to carry out exploration, exploitation and mining commercialization projects. GREEN MINING SRL holds the license and exploitation rights to the "Aluvion Royo I" mining concession. An innovative project for the extraction and processing of gold [Au], and strategic elements  in the pre-Andina mountain range area in the San Juan region of Argentina.


The sampling analyses carried out during the exploration campaigns geologically defined the deposit as “multi-metallic”, as the diversified mineralization of a broad spectrum of raw materials is certified.
The GREEN MINING production plant enables the extraction of critical and strategic metals by applying a totally sustainable circuit. The process makes it possible to exploit the natural physical and magnetic properties of rare earths, after crushing and sediment treatment, to separate them with high efficiency from the by-product elements.
The development of this mining process allows the metals to be extracted in a completely natural way, without the use of chemical agents, giving the production circuit a socially acceptable and ecologically effective footprint, in accordance with the high standards of mining sustainability established internationally for the supply of critical raw materials.

AN INNOVATIVE mining value chain

"The mining value chain represents a transformative journey from resource extraction to sustainable practices. These stages collectively form the mining value chain, encompassing the entire lifecycle of mining operations, from extraction to market delivery"
With the aim of implementing a complete and transparent production chain - from Mine to Market - the Green Mining model, in addition to proceeding with the raw material extraction phase, has an ongoing project to directly refine strategic elements  that are extracted from its mine. The company disposes of the technical know-how for the industrialization of a demonstration refining prototype plant already tested in Italy, characterized by an all-Italian hydrometallurgical technology that reduces and controls the environmental impact by producing rare earth products with a high purity ranging from 99.9% to 99.99%
The pilot plant has already demonstrated the feasibility of the refining process with excellent results in reducing atmospheric emissions - close to zero - and ensuring a high degree of recycling of the chemicals and water used in the process. Green Mining's next goal is to achieve an industrial-scale development of the refining plant capable of preserving the environment as much as possible, to remain economically competitive and strategic in the market, and to bring innovations in the production chains of critical raw materials.

"Mining can no longer be an investment end in itself but must be associated with the concept of intergenerational sustainable development, thus ensuring a more persevering time horizon than short-term profit goals."

- Green Mining Srl