Green Mining's mission is to contribute to environmentally responsible mining development, within a framework of policies that respond to principles of efficiency and transparency to identify, quantify and evaluate environmental variables, promoting continuous improvement in our operations.


To be a leading company in the responsible and innovative development of the mining activity, which meets the interests and demands of society with regard to the activity.


Transparency and dialogue with the community, social and environmental responsibility and corporate responsibility.

We manage all our mining activities of prospecting, exploration and exploitation, based on environmental premises that include the fundamental socio-economic, socio-cultural and natural factors of the environment, implementing innovative and responsible practices.

  • Social License to Operate (SLO) 
  • Environmental License
  • Social Economic Responsibility 
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance with local regulations


  • Compliance with local regulations: Respecting the current regulations in force and working in coordination with controlling bodies and institutions that add value to the project, such as research at local universities.
  • Social and Environmental license: This is the first step in the development of our projects, realizing and emphasizing the interests, knowledge, needs and valuation of our activities in relation to the community through permanent interaction and consequent management.
  • Social-Economic Responsibility: As one of the pillars for the development of a responsible mining activity, our environmental policy focuses on and gives value to social retribution, i.e. prioritizing and ensuring potential socio-economic benefits that have a beneficial impact on the community and its economic system, taking measures such as the direct and indirect generation of employment for jobs, consumption of local goods and services, working in line with the various social interfaces of the community.
  • Risk Management: We recognize the importance of effective and responsible management of risks of environmental impacts or modifications related to water quality and resources, biodiversity, air quality, mining liabilities and waste, respecting cultural heritage, archaeological sites and protected natural areas, with the implementation of monitoring methods and innovative and responsible mining operations.