Green Mining production chain

Advanced exploration
Trial mining

The concept of trial mining is developed as a technically justifiable exploration-production tool, as a stage of geological information thickening within the legal status of the local mining law.
Part of the sampling products, in this case the gold and rare earth metal contents, will be used as values for the design part and subsequently commercialised as they are not sent to the laboratory and not subjected to sample destruction for analysis.


The Trail Mining concept allows us to monitor environmental conservation from the earliest operations and, at the same time, will allow the local community to gradually integrate into the project.


Trial Mining represents the phase one of production, i.e. the first step towards full-scale production.
Excellent way to demonstrate the long-term potential of the mine.

Production circuit

Green Mining's production chain begins with the sustainable extraction of minerals through the design of an advanced pilot plant that allows the raw materials to be obtained exclusively by physical means, using a technological circuit that exclusively exploits the natural properties of the minerals to separate them from the by-product elements. This thus allows gold [Au] and strategic elements  to be recovered without the use of chemical agents, which are highly harmful to the integrity of the environment and to humans, and at the same time allows environmental conservation to be monitored from the earliest mining operations. The development of this mining process makes it possible to extract and produce ore concentrates in a completely natural process, giving the Green Mining production circuit a socially acceptable, ecologically effective and economically competitive footprint.

Advanced exploration